Barsaat Lyrics Translation — Armaan Malik

Barsaat featuring Medha Rana, Armaan Malik is a tasteful song, and it has wondrous vocal by Armaan Malik. The delectable lyrics of the ballad are drafted down by Kunaal Verma. Amaal Mallik is the balladist of BARSAAT’s paradisiac music. The fashionable music video of the gripping ode is managed by Daboo Malik. Let’s take a look at the English translation of Armaan Malik’s latest Hindi single, ‘Phir Aaj Hai Dil Ro Raha Sab Keh Rahe Barsaat Hai.’ ARMAAN MALIK · BARSAAT FULL SONG LYRICS ENGLISH MEANING Enjoy the topping lyrics of Armaan Malik’s recent Hindi song Barsaat. The songster Kunaal

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