CSK Singangala Lyrics — Corona Kumar

Csk Singangala from the Tamil movie ‘Corona Kumar’ featuring Silambarasan Tr is a marvelous song, and it has outstanding lyrics sung by Javed Riaz, Poovaiyar, Silambarasan Tr. The astounding lyrics of the sound are penned down by Lalithanand. Javed Riaz is the songsmith of CSK SINGANGALA’s jolly music. The overelaborate music video of the show tune is commanded by Gokul.   CORONA KUMAR TAMIL MOVIE · CSK SINGANGALA FULL SONG LYRICS Let’s watch Csk Singangala Song Lyrics that Javed Riaz, Poovaiyar, Silambarasan Tr exquisitely performed and are featured in the Corona Kumar film of Silambarasan Tr . The lyrics writer

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