Khair Mangde Lyrics Translation — Bell Bottom

Khair Mangde from the Hindi movie ‘Bell Bottom’ featuring Vaani Kapoor, Akshay Kumar is a great song, and it has surprising orals by Pratibha Singh Baghel. The eye-opening lyrics of the paean are inked down by Seema Saini. Shantanu Dutta is the drummer of KHAIR MANGDE’s enticing music. The mind-altering music video of the poesy is mastered by Ranjit M Tewari. BELL BOTTOM HINDI MOVIE · KHAIR MANGDE FULL SONG LYRICS ENGLISH MEANING Make sure to check Khair Mangde Song Lyrics that Pratibha Singh Baghel glamorously sung and are featured in the Bell Bottom film of Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor

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