Lojakku Mojakku Lyrics — Aranmanai 3 | Mukesh

Lojakku Mojakku from the Tamil movie ‘Aranmanai 3’ featuring Raashi Khanna, Arya is a divine song, and it has foxy lyrics by Mukesh. The bright lyrics of the hit record are penned down by Mohan Rajan. C. Sathya is the fabricator of LOJAKKU MOJAKKU’s heartwarming music. The palatial music video of the poetry is administered by Sundar C.   ARANMANAI 3 TAMIL MOVIE · LOJAKKU MOJAKKU FULL SONG LYRICS Make sure to check Lojakku Mojakku Song Lyrics that Mukesh tastefully performed and are featured in the Aranmanai 3 film of Arya, Raashi Khanna . The lyrics writer marked down the

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