Pyar Ho Jayega Lyrics Translation — Vishal Mishra

Pyar Ho Jayega featuring Tunisha Sharma, Vishal Mishra is a surprising song, and it has an adorable performance by Vishal Mishra. The knockout lyrics of the chant are inked down by Vishal Mishra, Akshay Tripathi. Vishal Mishra is the instrumentalist of PYAAR HO JAYEGA’s delicious music. The very nice music video of the fascinating serenade is focused by Ray Haan Patni. VISHAL MISHRA · PYAAR HO JAYEGA SONG LYRICS ENGLISH MEANING Check out the sweet lyrics of Vishal Mishra’s trend-setting Hindi song Pyaar Ho Jayega. The lyricist Vishal Mishra, Akshay Tripathi caters the fitting lyrics.

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