Tera Hona Aaya Lyrics — Asees Kaur | Rochak Kohli

Tera Hona Aaya featuring Aman Gandotra, Natasha Bharadwaj is an excellent song, and it has topping words sung by Asees Kaur, Rochak Kohli. The breathtaking lyrics of the ditty are summed up by Gurpreet Saini, Gautam Govind Shama. Jerry Singh, Simba SIng is the musician of TERA HONA AAYA’s radiant music. The overelaborate music video of the engaging poesy is guided by Dixshant Gaurav Kala. ROCHAK KOHLI · ASEES KAUR · TERA HONA AAYA FULL SONG LYRICS Let’s read the breathtaking lyrics of Rochak Kohli, Asees Kaur’s groovy Hindi song Tera Hona Aaya. The librettist Gurpreet Saini, Gautam Govind Shama

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