A calendar timetable for react native

Timetable (schedule) component for React Native applications


Layout segment for layout customization.

Key Style type Description
container View Styles of the main container
headerContainer View Styles of the container of column’s header
headerText Text Styles of the Text of column’s header
headersContainer View Styles of the View that wraps all header containers
contentContainer View Styles of the container of lines and cards
timeContainer View Styles of time containers
time Text Styles of time text
lines View Styles of Views that render lines View* Styles of the circle of the ‘current time’ line
nowLine.line View** Styles of the line of the ‘current time’ line

*, ** due to how these Views are used, their customization options were limited:

*: width, height, backgroundColor, borderRadius, zIndex, elevation

**: height, backgroundColor, zIndex, elevation


Key Type Default Description
width Number useWindowDimensions().width Width of whole component
timeWidth Number 50 Width of time containers
hourHeight Number 60 Height of hour row
columnWidth Number width - (timeWidth - linesLeftInset) Width of day columns
columnHeaderHeight Number hourHeight / 2 Height of the container of column’s header
linesTopOffset Number 18 How far the lines are from top border
linesLeftInset Number 15 How far the lines are moved left from time’s right border
columnHorizontalPadding Number 10 Space between column borders and column cards

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