A CLI tool for viewing and manipulating JIRA issues

jt is a CLI tool for viewing and manipulating JIRA issues.

One common example usage to transition an issue to a new status:

jt "In Progress" TEAM-1234

If you are in a git repository where the topic branch’s name matches [whatever-]team-1234[-whatever], you can omit the issue argument as it is implied.

Yeah, we even let you use underscores.

Common Usage:

jt [new state] [issue number]


We case insensitively look for valid transition states in your issue’s workflow. If you give tRiAgE we will find Triage, if that is a valid transition for your issue’s current status.

If no valid transition state matches exactly, we then try matching against possible states that have had their whitespace removed. If you give “todo” we will find possible state To Do.

If still no valid transition state is matched, we will then try partial match, so that “done” will match possible state Deployed / Done.

This will otherwise only transition an issue to a matching valid state according to your JIRA board’s workflow.

Other Available Commands:

command what it does
onit Self-assign and transition an issue to In Progress status
take Assign an issue to you
wti What The Issue? – View an issue in Github Markdown
config Will save the JIRA token, email, and tenant url to a config file
completion generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
help Help about any command

Shared Flags:

flag what it does
–config string config file (default is $HOME/.config/jira)
-h, –help help for jt


Use “jt [command] –help” for more information about a command.


Homebrew users can do this:

brew tap StevenACoffman/jt
brew install jt

Go developers with $HOME/bin in their $PATH can run mage if they have mage installed.

Alternatively, go run mage.go will work even without mage installed, but it will still put the binary in $HOME/bin.

Future Development

Currently, this tool is all JIRA, other than translating Atlassian Markup into Github Markdown.

I would like to combine JIRA + Github steps. For instance, moving a story to In Progress, while also creating a Github Pull Request in Draft.

It would be nice if it took the JIRA story’s description’s translation as Github Markdown and used it in creating the Github Pull Request.

The programming is easy, but it is tricky to find unambiguous commands that fit all possible workflows.


There is another jira cli that is quite sophisticated, featureful, and maybe complicated, but I found custom workflow transitions either didn’t work, or were cumbersome.

Credit Where Credit is Due

This tool uses some excellent libraries and tools like andygrunwald/go-jira, spf13/cobra, mage, moul/http2curl and bubbletea


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