A cute timeline component for Vue.js


A cute timeline component for Vue.js.


yarn add vue-cute-timeline --save


    <timeline-item bg-color="#9dd8e0">item1</timeline-item>
    <timeline-item :hollow="true">item2</timeline-item>

import { Timeline, TimelineItem, TimelineTitle } from 'vue-cute-timeline'
import 'vue-cute-timeline/dist/index.css'

export default {
  components: {


<timeline> props

It will be better to use hyphenated attributes instead of camelcase attributes. The discussion explained why.

  • timeline-theme

    The theme color of the timeline component.

    Set the line’s and circle’s color.

    Type: string
    Default: #dbdde0
  • timeline-bg

    The background color of the timeline circle component (for hollow and others if needed).

    Set the hollow circle’s and other timeline symbol’s default background color.

    Type: string
    Default: #dbdde0

<timeline-item> / <timeline-title> props

  • bg-color

    Set the circle’s and the circle’s border color.

    Type: string
    Default: #dbdde0
  • line-color

    Set only the circle’s border color.

    Type: string
    Default: #dbdde0
  • hollow

    Control whether the circle is hollow or not.
    _Note** When hollow cannot be used together with bg-color, unless you wish to change the hollow background color.

    Type: boolean
    Default: false
  • font-color

    Set the timeline item or title font color.
    Or you can set font color by add a className, as the content of the timeline item/title is a slot.

    Type: string
    Default: #37414a
  • icon-size

    Set the timeline item or title icon size.
    Control the size of the circle or of the image set using slots="others".

    Type: string ('small'| 'medium'|'large')
    Default: ''


  • others

    Don’t like the circle? You can set it to a image, iconfont or anything you want.



MIT © luyilin

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