A flutter package for authentication with DAuth authorisations service on behalf of the resour

A flutter package for authentication with DAuth(an OAuth2 based SSO (Single Sign On) for NITT students) authorisations service on behalf of the resource-owner/user.
DAuth lets the application developers securely get access to users’ data without users having to share their passwords.

DAuth allows a Client-App (the program using this library) to access and manipulate a resource that’s owned by a resource owner (the end user) and lives on a remote server. The Client-App directs the resource owner to dauth authorization server, where the resource owner tells the authorization server to give the Client-App an access token. This token serves as proof that the client has permission to access resources on behalf of the resource owner.

Note: OAuth2 provides several different methods for the client to obtain authorization.But, currently This package only supports Authorisation Code Grant

  • This Package Allows user to get the authorized token by calling fetchToken(authorizationRequest), which automates the following workflow:
    • Generates authorizationUrl using the provided authorizationRequest in the parameter.
    • Opens up a webView with the generated authorizationUrl and Listens to the NavigationRequests.
    • Allows user to enable permissions to Client-App to access the resource of the user from Dauth-Resource-Provider.
    • After Authentication server redirects to the registered redirect_uri and code is fetched by listening to the NavigationRequest.
    • Using the code as body parameter a post-request is automated to retrive the token.
  • Once the tokenResponse is fetched the user can send a post request using fetchResources(token) and get the protectedResources based on the Scope mentioned.

  • webviewx : for opening AuthorizationUrl in WebView and Listening to NavigationRequest
  • https : for HTTP requests to the Dauth-Server.



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