A framework that let’s you compose websites in Python with ease

Perry <= A framework that let’s you compose websites in Python with ease!

Perry works similar to Qt and Flutter, allowing you to create component collections.
Say you want to create a div with some text and an image. To do that you’d first need to create the page:

from Perry import component, pageView, serve, Composite

Let’s break it down:

  • Component – A given element that can be added anywhere on the page
  • pageView – Creates a page with a route for us, we can load styles, JS and other things into it by using the ‘styles’ argument
  • Serve – A Flask based micro-server for Perry
  • Composite – The most important part! This tells our components to build themselves recursively as well as creating the skeleton, route and debugging info.

Now let’s create the page

Homepage = component(pageView, _Inherit = True)
# a pageView is also a component, but inherits different functionality

# Assign page contents
Homepage <= {
  'title': 'Home', # Title of the page 
  'path':'',       # Route on the webserver, no need to include the starting /
  'styles': [bootstrap], # Styles and other components, here we load bootstrap which is included in Extras
  'DOM': pageView.DOM,   # DOM, not yet implemented but worth using in case you want to upgrade to a newer verion of Perry later
  'components': HomepageContents # A ComponentSource with our elements

This page will just show up as an error as we haven’t yet created our component source!
This can be done through importing ComponentSource

HomepageContents = ComponentSource(
    Label('Hello World!', 'h1'),
        Image('Image URL'),
        CardText('Sample Text which has attributes for bootstrap cards', 'p')   
    Label('Good bye!', 'h1')

You’ll get something like this. The trailing comment is used for debugging

   <!-- Components --->  
   <div id="" class="">
      <h1 id=""> Hello World! </h1>
      <!-- Component: <Label id:0x7f398481c910>---> 
      <div style="width: 18rem;" id="" class="card, ">
         <div class="card-body">
            <img src="Image URL" id="style=""">
            <!-- Component: <Image id:0x7f398481c9d0>---> 
            <p id="class="card-text""> Sample Text which has attributes for bootstrap cards </p>
            <!-- Component: <BootstrapCardText id:0x7f398481ca60>---> 
      <!-- Component: <BootrstrapCard cclass:None id:0x7f398481cb20>---> 
      <h1 id=""> Good bye! </h1>
      <!-- Component: <Label id:0x7f398481cbe0>---> 
   <!-- Component: <DIV cclass:None id:0x7f398481cca0>--->  
   <p id=""> Running on Perry v0.9 with Debug Mode on! </p>
   <!-- Component: <Label id:0x7f3984885d90>--->
   <!-- End of Components --->

Want to bundle together multiple elements and create a universal one? That’s easy to do!

OurCoolNewElement = DIV(
    Label('Hello, I have custom stuff!', 'h1', id = 'CoolTitle'),
    cclass = 'NewElement'
# Let's give it some style
ourCustomStyle = style()
ourCustomStyle <= {
  'source':'Local-made ;)'
  'css' : '''
  .NewElement {
    color: white;
    background: black;
# And now add it to the components
HomepageContents = ComponentSource(
    Label('Hello World!', 'h1'),
    OurCoolNewElement , # <--- here
    Label('Good bye!', 'h1')

You’ll need to load the style when defining the homepage contents!

Homepage <= {
  'styles': [some, styles, ourCustomStyle],

At the moment JS doesn’t have direct support through built in components, but you can use JQueryEngine and JQueryEngineStrapper from Extras.

# First we create the component with JQuery, give it a pageView to wrap around (WIP)
js = JQueryEngine(pageView, cid = 'coolscript')
# Now you load in the script, it can either be a string or a read from file
js <= ( open('PerryApp/coolscript.js','r').read() )
# To load it in, you need to add JQueryEngineStrapper to the styles of the page and add the js component to the components
HomepageContents.add( js )

In Perry you always serve pages as a Composite collection, this way they are built and then loaded on Flask on the specified routes.

# Serve our pages as a composite collection
serve <= Composite(Homepage, About, OtherPage, debug = True)


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