A Github Popular Repos build Using React

In this project, let’s build a Github Popular Repos by applying the concepts we have learned till now.

Failure View

github popular repos failure view output

Design Files

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Implementation Files

Use these files to complete the implementation:

  • src/components/GithubPopularRepos/index.js
  • src/components/GithubPopularRepos/index.css
  • src/components/LanguageFilterItem/index.js
  • src/components/LanguageFilterItem/index.css
  • src/components/RepositoryItem/index.js
  • src/components/RepositoryItem/index.css

Quick Tips

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  • To display the animated loader, we need to import the Loader component using the below statement

    import Loader from 'react-loader-spinner'
  • In order to display the given animated loader, pass the type and color props to the Loader component with values as ThreeDots and #0284c7, respectively

    <Loader type="ThreeDots" color="#0284c7" height={80} width={80} />

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