A lightweight Python 3 library for fast and reproducible experimentation

What is Steppy?

  1. Steppy is a lightweight, open-source, Python 3 library for fast and reproducible experimentation.
  2. Steppy lets data scientist focus on data science, not on software development issues.
  3. Steppy’s minimal interface does not impose constraints, however, enables clean machine learning pipeline design.

What problem steppy solves?


In the course of the project, data scientist faces two problems:

  1. Difficulties with reproducibility in data science / machine learning projects.
  2. Lack of the ability to prepare or extend experiments quickly.


Steppy address both problems by introducing two simple abstractions: Step and Tranformer. We consider it minimal interface for building machine learning pipelines.

  1. Step is a wrapper over the transformer and handles multiple aspects of the execution of the pipeline, such as saving intermediate results (if needed), checkpointing the model during training and much more.
  2. Tranformer in turn, is purely computational, data scientist-defined piece that takes an input data and produces some output data. Typical Transformers are neural network, machine learning algorithms and pre- or post-processing routines.


Steppy requires python3.5 or above.

pip3 install steppy

(you probably want to install it in your virtualenv)


  1. :ledger: Documentation
  2. :computer: Source
  3. :name_badge: Bugs reports
  4. :rocket: Feature requests
  5. :star2: Tutorial notebooks (their repository):

Feature Requests

Please send us your ideas on how to improve steppy library! We are looking for your comments here: Feature requests.


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