A repository that finds a person who looks like you by using face recognition technology

Hello everyone, I’ve always wondered how casting agencies do the casting for a scene where a certain actor is young or old for a movie or TV show. I respect the art of make-up, but I am one of those who think that a different actor should play in that scene.

If we look at the developments in computer vision in recent years, there will be no need for make-up in such cases. I think that face swapping and similar approaches will make great contributions to the cinema industry in this field.

In this project, we will take a look at the problem of casting agencies, which is the first thing I wonder about. We will have an open source CelebA dataset of celebrities. We will find the face closest to the face we have given as input from this dataset.

To run the project, you need to perform 2 steps. The first is to create an identity pool, and the second is to find the identity closest to the photo given as input in this pool.

insightface repository. You can download the weights by clicking this link (Only backbone.pth is enough). Then place it into src/models/backbone.pth.

FFHQ, CelebA-HQ, etc.). As I said before, I will use the CelebA dataset.

If you want to pass this process, the pool prepared with the CelebA dataset is available at this link.

If you are the lucky person who wants to prepare your pool in your own dataset, you should set the arguments. If your dataset is ready and you have downloaded the face recognition model, you can start creating an identity pool with the following command.

python --weightPath <Path of backbone.pth> --device <CUDA or CPU> --poolResultName <Pickle save name> --imagePaths <Your images path>

python --weightPath src/models/backbone.pth --device cuda:0 --poolResultName CelebrityPool2.pkl --imagePaths CelebaImages


I think the face that comes out most similar to me in dataset is not very similar, but you should try it too. Because this handsomeness can also be unique.


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