A Simple Blockchain Simulation with Javascript NuxtJs

Blockchain Simulation

This is just a Web to simulate how Blockchain works in a short and simple way. Built on javascript (nodejs) and using Vuejs as Front End. (Just for education only)


You can see the base lib in /blockchain-simulation/lib

const Blockchain = require('./blockchain')
const Transaction = require('./transaction')
const { KeyGenerator } = require('./signature')

// Create a new blockchain
const mycoin = new Blockchain()

// Configure the blockchain
mycoin.blockProofOfWorkDifficulty = 4

// create a new wallet
const mywallet = (new KeyGenerator()).generate() // { publicKey: '...', privateKey: '...' }

// make default balance of wallet
const sustemTransaction = (new Transaction(mycoin.system.publicKey, mywallet.publicKey, 1000)).sign(mycoin.system.privateKey)
// mycoin.mine(mycoin.system.privateKey)

// create a new transaction
const destinationAddress="my-friend-address"
const mytransaction = new Transaction(mywallet.publicKey, destinationAddress, 10)

// sign the transaction with my wallet private key

// add the transaction to the blockchain

const mineAddress="miner-address"
mycoin.mine(mineAddress).then(() => {
  // mine was successful
    myballance: mycoin.getBalance(mywallet.publicKey),
    myfrinedballance: mycoin.getBalance(destinationAddress),
    minerballance: mycoin.getBalance(mineAddress),
  // get last block
  const lastBlock = mycoin.getLastBlock()
  // check valid chain
  console.log(mycoin.isValid()) // true

This script you can see in /blockchain-simulation/lib/example.js/

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