A template project for new Go web backend applications

env /
ENVIRONMENT dev Whether to use development- or production settings app.avatar_url_template (see config.default.yml) URL template for external user avatar images (e.g. from Dicebear or Gravatar) server.port /
BROILERPLATE_PORT 3000 Port to listen on server.listen_ipv4 /
BROILERPLATE_LISTEN_IPV4 IPv4 network address to listen on (leave blank to disable IPv4) server.listen_ipv6 /
BROILERPLATE_LISTEN_IPV6 ::1 IPv6 network address to listen on (leave blank to disable IPv6) server.listen_socket /
BROILERPLATE_LISTEN_SOCKET – UNIX socket to listen on (leave blank to disable UNIX socket) server.timeout_sec /
BROILERPLATE_TIMEOUT_SEC 30 Request timeout in seconds server.tls_cert_path /
BROILERPLATE_TLS_CERT_PATH – Path of SSL server certificate (leave blank to not use HTTPS) server.tls_key_path /
BROILERPLATE_TLS_KEY_PATH – Path of SSL server private key (leave blank to not use HTTPS) server.base_path /
BROILERPLATE_BASE_PATH / Web base path (change when running behind a proxy under a sub-path) security.password_salt /
BROILERPLATE_PASSWORD_SALT – Pepper to use for password hashing security.insecure_cookies /
BROILERPLATE_INSECURE_COOKIES false Whether or not to allow cookies over HTTP security.cookie_max_age /
BROILERPLATE_COOKIE_MAX_AGE 172800 Lifetime of authentication cookies in seconds or 0 to use Session cookies security.allow_signup /
BROILERPLATE_ALLOW_SIGNUP true Whether to enable user registration security.expose_metrics /
BROILERPLATE_EXPOSE_METRICS false Whether to expose Prometheus metrics under /api/metrics /
BROILERPLATE_DB_HOST – Database host db.port /
BROILERPLATE_DB_PORT – Database port db.user /
BROILERPLATE_DB_USER – Database user db.password /
BROILERPLATE_DB_PASSWORD – Database password /
BROILERPLATE_DB_NAME app_db.db Database name db.dialect /
BROILERPLATE_DB_TYPE sqlite3 Database type (one of sqlite3, mysql, postgres, cockroach) db.charset /
BROILERPLATE_DB_CHARSET utf8mb4 Database connection charset (for MySQL only) db.max_conn /
BROILERPLATE_DB_MAX_CONNECTIONS 2 Maximum number of database connections db.ssl /
BROILERPLATE_DB_SSL false Whether to use TLS encryption for database connection (Postgres and CockroachDB only) db.automgirate_fail_silently /
BROILERPLATE_DB_AUTOMIGRATE_FAIL_SILENTLY false Whether to ignore schema auto-migration failures when starting up mail.enabled /
BROILERPLATE_MAIL_ENABLED true Whether to allow BROILERPLATE to send e-mail (e.g. for password resets) mail.sender /
BROILERPLATE_MAIL_SENDER [email protected] Default sender address for outgoing mails (ignored for MailWhale) mail.provider /
BROILERPLATE_MAIL_PROVIDER smtp Implementation to use for sending mails (one of [smtp, mailwhale]) mail.smtp.* /
BROILERPLATE_MAIL_SMTP_* - Various options to configure SMTP. See default config for details mail.mailwhale.* /
BROILERPLATE_MAIL_MAILWHALE_* - Various options to configure MailWhale sending service. See default config for details

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