Accessor methods generator for Go programming language

accessory is an accessor generator for Go programming language.

setter’s name is Set<FieldName>() and getter’s name is <FieldName>() by default,
in other words, Set will be put into setter’s name and Get will not be put into getter’s name.

You can customize names for setter and getter if you want.

type MyStruct struct {
    field1 string `accessor:"getter:GetFirstField"`
    field2 int    `accessor:"setter:ChangeSecondField"`

Generated methods will be

func(m *MyStruct) GetFirstField() string {
    return m.field1

func(m *MyStruct) ChangeSecondField(val *int) {
    m.field2 = val

Accessor methods won’t be generated if accessor tag isn’t specified.
But you can explicitly skip generation by using - for tag value.

type MyStruct struct {
    ignoredField `accessor:"-"`

MIT License.


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