Admin Template for Material-UI and React

Start your Development with an Innovative Admin Template for Material-UI and React. Soft UI Dashboard React is built with over 70 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. The product comes with a simple JWT authentication flow: login/register/logout.


  • Innovative Material-UI Design – Creafted by Creative-Tim
  • React, Redux, Redux-persist
  • Authentication: JWT Login/Register/Logout
  • Full-stack ready using Node JS API Server (open-source project)
    • Features: Typescript / SQLite / TypeORM / Joy (validation) / Passport library – passport-jwt strategy.


Note: This product can be used with other API Servers for a complete full-stack experience. ALL API servers use a unified interface

  • Django API Server – open-source product
  • Flask API Server – open-source product
  • Node JS API Server – open-source product / Typescript / SQLite / TypeORM / Joy for validation
  • Node JS API Server PROcommercial product
    • Typescript / SQLite / TypeORM / Joy Validation / Docker
    • Typescript / MongoDB / Mongoose / Joy Validation / Docker (separate branch, same project)

Unified API Definition

  • API POSTMAN Collection – can be used to mock (simulate) the backend server or code a new one in your preferred framework.

Node JS API - Open-source API server built on top of Express Nodejs Framework.

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