An application that reports desktop notifications by voice

Voice-Notify is an application that reports desktop notifications by voice.

Voice-Notify tested only Linux.


  • Speak smoothly with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech
  • Support D-Bus notifications
  • Support Pushbullet notification mirroring for Android and iOS


go get -u


  • Cloud Text-to-Speech API service account key
  • Pushbullet API token (optional)
  • mpg123

Voice-Notify uses Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API.
First, create a service account key referring to the document.

Also, it supports notification mirroring via Pushbullet’s Real-time Event Stream API.
To use this, generate an access token according to the Pushbullet documentation.


  voice-notify [flags]

      --config string   config file (default "/home/xxxx/.config/voice-notify.toml")
  -h, --help            help for voice-notify
  -t, --toggle          help message for toggle
      --version         version for voice-notify


Voice-Notify changes the configuration in the configuration file or environment settings.
The default settings are as follows.

lang = "ja-JP"
speaking_rate = 1.5
pitch = 1.5
# Maximum number of characters to speak at one time
text_max = 256

debug = false
log = "stderr"
err_log = "stderr"

access_token = ""

addr = ":9001"

Voice-Notify uses viper.
If you want to configure with environment values, see the viper documentation.


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