Asynchronous dynamic data at scale for React

Asynchronous dynamic data at scale. Performance, data integrity, and typing for REST, proto, GraphQL, websockets and more.

Simple TypeScript definition

class ArticleResource extends Resource {
  readonly id: string = '';
  readonly title: string = '';
  readonly body: string = '';

  pk() {
  static urlRoot="/articles/";

One line data hookup

const article = useResource(ArticleResource.detail(), { id });
return (


const { fetch } = useController();
return (
    onSubmit={data => fetch(ArticleResource.update(), { id }, data)}

And subscriptions

const price = useResource(PriceResource.detail(), { symbol });
useSubscription(PriceResource.detail(), { symbol });
return price.value;

…all typed …fast …and consistent

For the small price of 8kb gziped.    🏁Get started now


Principals of Rest Hooks


  • Strong inferred types
  • Global referential equality guarantees
  • Normalized store creates a single source of truth
  • Strong invariants robust against race conditions
  • Validation


  • Stale While Revalidate configurable cache
  • Only re-render

Composition over configuration

  • Declarative data definitions
  • Decoupled API definitions from usage
  • Co-located data dependencies
    • Centralized orchestration
  • Extensible orchestration through Managers (middleware)
  • Composable hooks
  • Suspense + concurrent mode async orchestration

Incremental Adoption

  • Simple case is simple
  • Scale as your app scales

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