Auralisation of learned features in CNN (for audio)

This repo is for an example of auralisastion of CNNs that is demonstrated on ISMIR 2015.

Files includes all required function for deconvolution. includes the whole code – just clone and run it by python You might need to use older version of Keras, e.g. this (ver 0.3.x)


src_songs: includes three songs that I used in my blog posting.


Load weights that you want to auralise. I’m using this function W = load_weights() to load my keras model, it can be anything else. W is a list of weights for the convnet. (TODO: more details)

Then load source files, get STFT of it. I’m using librosa.

Then deconve it with get_deconve_mask.


This paper, or simply,

  title={Auralisation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: Listening to Learned Features},
  author={Choi, Keunwoo and Kim, Jeonghee and Fazekas, George and Sandler, Mark},
  booktitle={International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), Late-Breaking/Demo Session, New York, USA},
  organization={International Society of Music Information Retrieval}

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