Basic CLI save editor for Medieival Dynasty written in Go

Basic CLI save editor for Medieival Dynasty written in Go.

Windows binaries

Backup your saves first. Made for GOG
Save dir: %LOCALAPPDATA%Medieval_DynastySavedSaveGames

Give 1000 coins and 500 dynasty reputation:
md_save_editor.exe G:md_save_backupsQuicksave.sav -c 1000 -r 500

You can use the batch files instead by dragging your save files onto them.

Usage: md_save_editor [--age AGE] [--coins COINS] [--reputation REPUTATION] PATH

Positional arguments:

  --age AGE, -a AGE [default: -1]
  --coins COINS, -c COINS [default: -1]
  --reputation REPUTATION, -r REPUTATION [default: -1]
  --help, -h             display this help and exit
  • This has no partnership, sponsorship or endorsement with Render Cube or Toplitz Productions.
  • I won’t be responsible if you break your saves.


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