BMP180 sensor driver for Home Assistant used in Raspberry Pi

Custom component BMP180 sensor for Home Assistant.

Copy the content of this directory to your homeassistant config directory:

  • example: ./config/custom_components/dev_747_BMP180/

Enable I2C communication in Raspberry via raspi-config and install dependencies for handeling I2C communication in Python

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-smbus python3-dev i2c-tools


  • i2c_address: I2C address of BMP180 (typical 0x77)
  • i2c_bus_num: I2C bus number (default raspberry = 1)
  • name: custom name of the sensor
  • mode: 0 – Ultra low power, 1 – standard, 2 – high resolution, 3 – ultra high resolution
  • monitored_conditions: temperature, pressure, altitude

Exaple configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: dev747_BMP180
    i2c_address: 0x77
    i2c_bus_num: 1
    name: "BMP180"
    mode: 3
      - temperature
      - pressure
      - altitude
    scan_interval: 2 


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