Chanman helps you to create queue channels and manage them gracefully

Channels are widely used as queues. chanman (Channel Manager) helps you to easily create queue with channel and manage the data in the queue. You don’t have to be afraid of panic situations like channel is already closed etc.


func main() {
	callbackFn := func(data interface{}) error {
		fmt.Printf("Processed data: %vn", data)
		return nil

	opts := &chanman.Options{
		CallbackFn: callbackFn,
		Limit:      10,

	ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(context.Background())
	defer cancel()

	queue := chanman.New(ctx, opts)

	go queue.Listen()

	for i := 0; i <= 20; i++ {
		queue.Add(fmt.Sprintf("job-%d", i))


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