Cobalt Strike Sleep Python Bridge


This project is ‘bridge’ between the sleep and python language. It allows the control of a Cobalt Strike teamserver through python without the need for for the standard GUI client.

NOTE: This project is very much in BETA. The goal is to provide a playground for testing and is in no way an officially support feature. Perhaps this could be something added in the future to the core product.

The project was inspired by the work done by @BinaryFaultline and @Mcgigglez16 in the project I want to offer a special thanks you both !!

The heart of this bridge is a python implementation of a headless Cobalt Strike client. This is achieved by using the Aggressor Script Console provided by agscript as the engine. Agscript allows for headless interaction with Cobalt Stike ( The ‘bridge’ works by using python helper functions in to generate the needed sleep commands expected by the agscript console. Instead of writing the sleep functions, provides helper functions that abstracts sleep and allows the use of python.




python3 50050 grapher password ~/cobaltstrike

This will create the beacons.json file used by the javascript grapher.

Start a webserver from output/html directory

python3 http.server

Connect to http://localhost:8000/beacons.html


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