College Event Management System Using React And MongoDB

Initiated with the incentive to provide a common rostrum to host all college events, College Event Management (CEM) System is basically a platform where people can host their events and promote them for the students within the institute. One has to just create his/her account in CEM, then login to host his/her event and manage it as per his/her requirements. The entire process will save lot of time along with providing a better reach to the participants.

This repository is concerned with the frontend part of the project. CEM frontend provides an adaptive user interface with navigating menus and sliders, along with eye-catching graphics that brings better versatility to the user.

For those interested in working on the backend part of the project, do checkout the backend repository.


Inspired by Townscript’s UI, we aim to have similar layout for the components. New UI section will be added but as a whole the basic schema would stay the same.

firebase for now. You can check the live website here. In future it will be deployed using AWS once the basic layout gets ready. for ways to get started.

NOTE: Please adhere to this project’s code of conduct.

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GPLv3 License


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