Community Coding Challenge Handbook

This repository focuses on helping X-Teamers and community members to thrive through coding challenges offering solutions in as many languages you can think of.

Collaborating to the handbook

  1. You need to fork this repo

  2. Then you need to clone the repository locally:

git clone{your-github-username}/community-coding-challenges.git
git clone [email protected]:{your-github-username}/community-coding-challenges.git
  1. Then you choose the challenge you want to expand and create a new branch using the convention: {platform}-{challengename}/{language} Example:
git checkout -b leetcode-twosum/go
  1. Commit your changes using Conventional Commits
  2. Create a Pull Request and wait for reviews. If you need help, refer to github documentation on creating new pull requests.


We thank everybody that help this project reach better places of our community:


This project compliances can be found under the LICENSE for any further details.

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