Details,PoC and patches for CVE-2021-45383 & CVE-2021-45384

There are several network-layer vulnerabilities in the official server of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (aka Bedrock Server),which allow attacker to launch a DoS attack.
CVE-2021-45383 is an integer overflow leading to a bound check bypass.
CVE-2021-45384 is a null pointer dereference.
Here are details & PoCs & possible patches for them.

Because both vulnerabilities lie in the network protocol handler,attackers can launch a DoS attack without logining or being in the server player allowlist.
CVE-2021-45383 affects Bedrock Server 1.16.0-
CVE-2021-45384 is an old vulnerability and affects 1.14.0-,earlier versions may be affected as well.
CVE-2021-45383 is caused by ClientCacheBlobStatusPacket::_read (packet deserializer)

u32 size1=readUnsignedVarInt();
u32 size2=readUnsignedVarInt();
if (size1+size2>0xfff){ //overflows here
    return false;

Attackers can choose special size1 and size2 (e.g. 0xffffffff & 0xfff) to bypass the bound check. Large sizes will cause a large loop(blocks the main thread) and allocate much memory (32G+ , may trigger an OOM error).

CVE-2021-45384 is caused by ServerNetworkHandler::handle(DisconnectPacket), which uses the return value of ServerNetworkHandler::_getServerPlayer directly.
Attackers can send a DisconnectPacket over a not properly initialized connection, and trigger a null pointer dereference in ServerNetworkHandler::handle(DisconnectPacket), which leads to a server crash.

Disclaimer: PoCs are only excepted to be used for testing whether your server is vulnerable.Providers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by these programs. Use at your own risk.
CVE-2021-45384: python <IP> <Port> dis.dmp
CVE-2021-45383: python <IP> <Port> overflow.dmp

Patch for CVE-2021-45384 has been integrated into LiteLoader
You can hook ServerNetworkHandler::handle(DisconnectPacket) and check the result of ServerNetworkHandler::_getServerPlayer. Or simply drop all DisconnectPackets.

Patch for CVE-2021-45383:
You can hook ClientCacheBlobStatusPacket::_read and check the range of size1 & size2 separately.


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