Essential React custom hooks to super charge your components


Collection of React hooks ⚓ for everyone.

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List of all hooks

  • useBoundingclientrect – getBoundingClientRect hook for React.
  • useBoundingclientrectRef – A hook that tracks the boundingclientrect of an element. It returns a callbackRef so that the element node if changed is easily tracked.
  • useCountdown – Count down to a target timestamp and call callbacks every second (or provided peried)
  • useCounter – Counter hook for React.
  • useDebounce – Debounce hook for react
  • useDidMount – componentDidMount hook for React
  • useDidUpdate – componentDidUpdate hook for react
  • useDimensionsRef – Easily grab dimensions of an element with a ref using this hook
  • useDocumentEventListener – A react hook to an event listener to the document object
  • useEffectOnceWhen – Runs a callback effect atmost one time when a condition becomes true
  • useEventListenerRef – A react hook to add an event listener to a ref
  • useForkRef – A hook that can combine two refs(mutable or callbackRefs) into a single callbackRef
  • useFreshRef – Avoid stale state in callbacks with this hook. Auto updates values using a ref.
  • useFreshTick – Like use-fresh-ref but specifically for functions
  • useFullscreen – Use full screen api for making beautiful and emersive experinces.
  • useGeolocation – A hook to provide the geolocation info on client side.
  • useInViewRef – Simple hook that monitors element enters or leave the viewport that’s using Intersection Observer API.
  • useInput – Input hook for React.
  • useIntersectionObserverRef – A hook to register an intersection observer listener.
  • useInterval – setInterval hook for React.
  • useIntervalWhen – Sets an interval immediately when a condition is true
  • useIsomorphicEffect – A hook that resolves to useEffect on the server and useLayoutEffect on the client.
  • useKey – keypress, keyup and keydown event handlers as hooks for react.
  • useKeyBindings – useKeyBindings can bind multiple keys to multiple callbacks and fire the callbacks on key press.
  • useKeyRef – Very similar useKey but it returns a ref
  • useKeys – A hook which allows to setup callbacks when a combination of keys are pressed at the same time.
  • useLifecycleLogger – A react hook that console logs parameters as component transitions through lifecycles.
  • useLocalstorage – Localstorage hook for React. Syncs with localstorage values across components and browser windows automatically. Sets and retrieves a key from localStorage and subscribes to it for updates across windows.
  • useLocalstorageState – UseState but auto updates values to localStorage
  • useMapState – A react hook to manage state in a key value pair map.
  • useMediaMatch – Signal whether or not a media query is currently matched.
  • useMergeRefs – Merges any number of refs into a single ref
  • useMouse – Mouse position hook for React.
  • useMultiSelectableList – A custom hook to easily select multiple values from a list
  • useMutationObserver – Mutation Observer hook for React.
  • useMutationObserverRef – A hook that tracks mutations of an element. It returns a callbackRef.
  • useNavigatorLanguage – Navigator Language hook for React.
  • useOnWindowResize – A React hook for adding an event listener for window resize
  • useOnWindowScroll – A React hook for adding an event listener for window scroll
  • useOnline – Online status hook for React.
  • useOutsideClick – Outside click(for a ref) event as hook for React.
  • useOutsideClickRef – A hook that can track a click event outside a ref. Returns a callbackRef.
  • usePrevious – Access the previous value of a variable with this React hook
  • usePreviousDifferent – usePreviousDifferent returns the last different value of a variable
  • usePreviousImmediate – usePreviousImmediate returns the previous value of a variable even if it was the same or different
  • useQueueState – A React hook that manages state in the form of a queue
  • useRaf – A continuously running requestAnimationFrame hook for React
  • useSelect – Select values from a list easily. List selection hook for react.
  • useSelectableList – Easily select a single value from a list of values. very useful for radio buttons, select inputs etc.
  • useSessionstorage – Session storage react hook. Easily manage session storage values.
  • useSessionstorageState – useState but syncs with sessionstorage
  • useStackState – A React hook that manages state in the form of a stack
  • useThrottle – Throttle custom hook for React
  • useTimeout – setTimeout hook for react.
  • useTimeoutWhen – Takes a callback and fires it when a condition is true
  • useToggle – Toggle (between booleans or custom data)hook for React.
  • useUndoState – Drop in replacement for useState hook but with undo functionality.
  • useUpdateEffect – An useEffect that does not run on first render
  • useVisibilitySensor – Visibility sensor hook for React.
  • useWillUnmount – componentWillUnmount lifecycle as hook for React.
  • useWindowEventListener – Adds an event listener to window
  • useWindowScrollPosition – A React hook to get the scroll position of the window
  • useWindowSize – Window size hook for React.


✅ Collection of 63 hooks as standalone modules.

✅ Standalone package with all the hooks at one place

✅ CommonJS, UMD and ESM Support


npm i -s rooks

Import any hook from “rooks” and start using them!

import { useDidMount } from "rooks";


function App() {
  useDidMount(() => {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <h1>Hello CodeSandbox</h1>
      <h2>Start editing to see some magic happen!</h2>

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