Facebook Login Component for vue.js


Vue Component that lets you drop it into your existing project and get the benefits of Facebook Login quickly.

source code of the example can be found in example folder.
the actual component is just the button (:

npm i facebook-login-vuejs


import facebookLogin from 'facebook-login-vuejs';

Vue.component('my-component', {
    components: {
    <facebook-login class="button"
Props Type Default Notes
appId string None.It is a required prop.
version string ‘v2.9’ refer to Facebook Docs for explanation on available values
loginLabel string Log In To Facebook
loginOptions object {scope: ’email’} all options listed on Facebook Docs are passable with camelCase. e.g : {returnScopes: false}
logoutLabel string Log out from Facebook
Event Output Description
get-initial-status Object TO BE DEPRECATED. Initial Check to decide weather the user already connected.
sdkLoaded Object returns an object with the following keys:
isConnected: Boolean. is the User conneted?
FB: the api object.
click The Component has been clicked.
login Object User tried to login
logout Object User tried to logout
  • running the example on dev server npm start. this will run the example app.

tests will be added hopefully soon.


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