fluent-vue: Internationalization plugin for Vue.js


Internationalization plugin for Vue.js

fluent-vue is Vue.js integration for Fluent.js – JavaScript implementation of Project Fluent

🚀 Features

  • Simple api for developers: Just 2 methods, 1 directive and 1 component
  • Powerfull syntax for translators: Use the entire expressive power of every language without need for changes to application source code
  • Isolation: Locale-specific logic doesn’t leak to other locales. A simple string in English can map to a complex multi-variant translation in another language
  • Seamless migration: Works for both Vue 3 and 2
  • No bundler required: Usable via CDN

📜 Changelog

Changes for each release are documented in the

📦 Packages

This monorepo contains multiple packages:

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