Flutter widgets for using various aspects of the @‎platform

This is a common repository for various flutter packages that are published on

These packages help to achieve the common functionalities associated with atsigns like authentication, chat, etc.

at_backupkey_flutter– A flutter plugin project for saving the backup key of any @sign that is being onboarded with @protocol apps. Backup key can be used to authenticate in any @protocol apps.

at_chat_flutter– A flutter plugin project to provide a chat feature using atsigns and atprotocol.

at_common_flutter– A flutter package to provide common widgets used by other atsign flutter packages.

at_contacts_flutter– A flutter plugin project to provide ease of managing contacts for an atsign using atprotocol.

at_contacts_group_flutter– A flutter plugin to provide group functionality for atsign contacts.

at_events_flutter– A flutter plugin project to manage events.

at_location_flutter– A flutter plugin project to share location between two atsigns and track them on OSM (open street maps).

at_onboarding_flutter– A flutter plugin project for onboarding any @sign in @protocol apps with ease. Provides QRscanner and upload key file options to authenticate.

atsign_authentication_helper– (DISCONTINUED) A flutter plugin project to provide authentication for atsign apps. It provides both a QR scanner and feature to upload files.

at_follows_flutter- A flutter plugin project to integrate follows feature for @signs.

All installation guidelines are written in their respective directories and sites.


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