Getting my gitlab commit history into github

This is a mock repository.

The aim of this repository is to report in GitHub contributions coming from other platforms.

It has been automatically created using Miro Mannino’s Contributions Importer for GitHub

several reasons why this feature could be debatable.

Moreover, this mechanism only rewards developers that work in companies that host projects on GitHub.

Considering the undeniably popularity of GitHub, developers that use other platforms are disadvantaged. In fact, it is increasing the number of developers that refer to their GitHub contributions in resumes. Similarly, recruiters may use GitHub to find talents.

In more extreme cases, some developers decided to boycott this GitHub’s lock-in system, and developed tools that can alter GitHub’s contribution graph with fake commits: Rockstar and Vanity text for GitHub are good examples.

Instead, the aim of Contributions Importer for GitHub is to generate an overall realistic contributions overview by analysing real private repositories.


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