Just learning to build mobile apps with flutter

Clickômetro. A click counter.


In this one, I’ve followed the Flutter Get Started guide, adn then added my own functionalities, like decrease and reset. Just so I can learn how everything works.

To know how to use multiple floating action buttons, I’ve used this StackOverflow answer.

Based on the 3-4 sections of the course.

Based on the 5th section of the course.

Free to use what was learned.


A card with information about me.


An app that genarates random numbers by clicking on dices.

Based on the 7th section of the course.


I’ve made some improvements to the original app, and the main things I’ve used are:

  • Create a custom widget for the dices.
  • Use the Random class to generate random numbers.
  • Replace the deprecated FlatButton widget with TextButton.
  • Learn how to use the Expanded widget.

An app that answers your questions randomly.

Boss-level challenge on the 8th section of the course.


I’ve created an external util function that generates a natural and non-repeted random number between.

An app that plays the notas as a xylophone.

Based on the 8th section of the course.


I’ve done some improvements:

  • Use a different library to play the sounds.
  • Use map through a list of colors to get the sounds.

Repeating Executions of Docker Containers of GCP Cloud Run for many values of runtime arguments

Can’t find the vulnerability in this C program