Learning to Regress Bodies from Images using Differentiable Semantic Rendering


SPIN. Kindly refer to their repo for more details.

3DPW, MPI-INF-3DHP and Human3.6M, run the following command

# Change the val_ds configuration for different datasets
python --cfg configs/dsr_eval.cfg

Graphonomy to get pseudo ground truth clothing segmentation. Use the Universal Model of Graphonomy to generate the segmentation mask. After preparing the data, run the following command

# For more details on different parameters, refer to dsr/core/
python --cfg configs/dsr_train.cfg

LICENSE file. By downloading and using this code you agree to the terms in the LICENSE. Third-party datasets and software are subject to their respective licenses.



For questions, please contact [email protected]

For commercial licensing (and all related questions for business applications), please contact [email protected].


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