Leetcode Practice for python


This is my LeetCode Practice. Visit LeetCode Website for detailed question description.
The code in this repository has already been ALL ACCEPTED by LeetCode.


  • Python >= 3.6
  • gcc >= 6.3.0
  • g++ >= 6.3.0

Getting Started

git clone
  • Python file
  • C file
    gcc example.c
    ./a.out (for Linux user)
    .a.exe (for Windows user)
  • cpp file
    g++ example.cpp
    ./a.out (for Linux user)
    .a.exe (for Windows user)

Feedback and Bug Report

If you find any bugs in my code or you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave an issue to let me know.
If you like my repository, you can also give it a star! Thanks a lot!


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