Make a Turtlebot3 follow a figure 8 trajectory and create a robot arm and make it follow a trajectory

Part 1:
Makes the robot move in a figure 8 shape. The robot starts moving when launched on a real turtlebot3 and can be paused and resumed.

Part 2:
Defines a two arm robot with an end effector. When launched the robot arm moves in a trajectory and also shows markers at the end effector in rviz

Part 1:

There are two modes for this robot. To launch the sim version, one can run roslaunch homework2 figure_eight.launch mode:=sim.

The math tat defines the figure 8 trajectory can be seen in the file in src/homework2

Below are the expected results:


To make the real turtlebot3 move, run roscore on your computer and ssh into the turtlebot3. Set ROS_MASTER_URI and run roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_robot.launch from the robot. Then run roslaunch homework2 figure_eight.launch mode:=real to make the robot move. You can use the pause service to pause and resume service to resume the robot.

The robot is expected to move as follows:

ezgif com-gif-maker (1)

Part 2:

Run roslaunch homework2 arm_marker.launch from the ws to run the arm in rviz with markers.



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