Open source Optical Character Recognition based on PyTorch

GeneralOCR is open source Optical Character Recognition based on PyTorch. It makes a fidelity and useful tool to implement SOTA models on OCR domain. You can use them to infer and train the model with your customized dataset. The solution architecture of this project is re-implemented from facebook Detectron and openmm-cv.

Refer to the guideline of gen_ocr installation


Now you completed training of TextSnake and get the checkpoint textsnake/lastest.pth. You should evaluate peformance on test set using hmean-iou metric:

python tools/ configs/textdet/textsnake/ textsnake/latest.pth --eval hmean-iou

If you find this project is useful in your reasearch, kindly consider cite:

    title={GeneralOCR:  A Comprehensive package for OCR models},
    email= {[email protected]},


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