POC for detecting the Log4Shell (Log4J RCE) vulnerability

POC for detecting the Log4Shell (Log4J RCE) vulnerability.

Run on a system with python3
python3 <pathToTargetFile> <InteractionURL>

  • pathToTargetFile – containing a list of targets (targets are seperated by newlines)
  • InteractionURL – the endpoint used to monitor out of band data extraction or interactions, e.g:

Example Output

[1] Testing asset: http://<target_address1>

[2] Testing asset: http://<target_address2>

[3] Testing asset: http://<target_address3>

[4] Testing asset: http://<target_address4>

[5] Testing asset: http://<target_address5>

[6] Testing asset: http://<target_address6>

[7] Testing asset: http://<target_address7>

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