PowerDNS 4.x API bindings for Golang

This community project provides bindings for the currently latest version of PowerDNS Authoritative Server.

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  • Zone handling
  • Resource record handling
  • Server statistics gathering
  • DNSSEC handling

For more features, consult our documentation.


Initialize the handle

import ""

pdns := powerdns.NewClient("http://localhost:80", "localhost", map[string]string{"X-API-Key": "apipw"}, nil)

Assuming that the server is listening on http://localhost:80 for virtual host localhost, the API password is apipw and you want to edit the domain

Get/add/change/delete zones

zones, err := pdns.Zones.List()
zone, err := pdns.Zones.Get("")
export, err := pdns.Zones.Export("")
zone, err := pdns.Zones.AddNative("", true, "", false, "foo", "foo", true, []string{""})
zone, err := pdns.Zones.Add(&powerdns.Zone{})
err := pdns.Zones.Change("", &zone)
err := pdns.Zones.Delete("")

Add/change/delete resource records

err := pdns.Records.Add("", "", powerdns.RRTypeAAAA, 60, []string{"::1"})
err := pdns.Records.Change("", "", powerdns.RRTypeAAAA, 3600, []string{"::1"})
err := pdns.Records.Delete("", "", powerdns.RRTypeA)

Request server information and statistics

statistics, err := pdns.Statistics.List()
servers, err := pdns.Servers.List()
server, err := pdns.Servers.Get("localhost")

Handle DNSSEC cryptographic material

cryptokeys, err := pdns.Cryptokeys.List()
cryptokey, err := pdns.Cryptokeys.Get("", "1337")
err := pdns.Cryptokeys.Delete("", "1337")

More examples

See examples.



  • PowerDNS 4.x (“API v1”)
    • --webserver=yes --api=yes --api-key=apipw --api-readonly=no
    • Note that API v1 is actively maintained. There are major differences between 3.x, 4.0 and 4.1 and this client works only with 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.
  • Tested with Go version 1.13/1.14/1.15, according to Go’s version support policy (should work with other minor releases as well)

Install from source

go get -u


See GoDoc.


This API client has not been completed yet, so feel free to contribute. The OpenAPI specification might be a good reference.

Start a PowerDNS authoritative server including a generic MySQL backend, DNSSEC support and some fixtures using Docker compose:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-v4.3.yml up
docker-compose -f docker-compose-v4.3.yml exec powerdns sh

It’s also possible to target mocks against this server:


Using subprocess find out running node application with pid and port using python

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