Prove your identity on demand and manage your finance with Flutter

Problem: Most of the times users have to carry hefty documents and spend time in long queues as the process is too lengthy. Bank Employees have to fill the form manually into the computer. This process is lengthy but also unsafe, as there have been cases where user’s information was leaked. Users are also not given proper guidance for their financial issues.

Title: IdenTT Solution: IdenTT is a platform where the user can verify his/her identity and fill forms by scanning a unique QR code, generated by the organization (which is demanding the document). After that their document will be directly fetched from the national database and sent to the user and the organization.

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Note: We are providing here, the prototype link for the mobile application, to view the working application download the build apk from "releases-finalbuild/IdenTT.apk"

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LK Bankings – [email protected]

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