Publish your obsidian vault through a python script

Mkdocs Obsidian is an association between a python script and a Material mkdocs template to get a personal wiki site based on your Obsidian Vault.

Mkdocs Obsidian Template

Owlly Seed (My Blog ; In French)




You can install all package with pip install -r requirements.txt

Get started

First, copy the template in GitHub. To make it your, you need to change, in mkdocs.yml

  • site_name,
  • site_description
  • site_url
  • The logo and favicons
  • If you want, the palette, use color scheme from material and edit scheme and accent.

The material’s theme includes a lot of parameters and personalization, so don’t forget to check to make the site yours! Also, there is a hundred of plug-ins (“extension”) for mkdocs so don’t hesitate to give an eye! You will find a lot here.

To try your site without online, use mkdocs serve.
You can publish your website using Github Page using the gh-page branch. This branch is pulled by the .workflow file, so don’t worry about it.

Now you have two choices : move the file you want in docs (and the subfolder you want) or you can use Mkdocs_Obsidian.

Obsidian compatibility

So, with the configuration I have done, the mkdocs support :

I didn’t found a way to embed file with wiki links for the moment. Because of the strange behavior of roam links, these embedded file will be rendered as image. The script will care of this bug.

Utilities and interest

A vast party of the script is taken from my previous project, YAFPA

The script will care about some things you can forget :

  • Moving your image in assets ;
  • Change the admonition from the plugin to material admonition (mainly for codeblocks)
  • Remove Obsidian comment (%% text %%)
  • Create a folder structure based on the category key. Without it, the note will be created in docs/notes.

If you use the --meta option, it will also add, in the original file a link to the blog.

⚠️ If the script crash for any reason at the moment where the script updates the frontmatter, you can lose some file.


Using metacopy you can quickly copy a link to a shared page, without using this option (so, yes, the script does not edit your source file !).
To create a link, you need to configure :

  1. category in key
  2. Add your set_url in base link
  3. Add category in key link

Also, you can remove the metacopy from your file menu using a key, so you can active metacopy only for share: true. Metacopy support also the paginations.index.

The final configuration of metacopy for mkdocs_obsidian will be :

So, in the end, a menu will appear on file with share: true and a category configured. This menu is on the left click and the file-menu. You can quickly copy a link from there, like a google or notion sharing link !

Here is a demo :
click to get a video !


usage: obs2mk [-h] [--git] [--meta] [--keep] [--config] [--force | --filepath FILEPATH]

Create file in docs and relative folder, move image in assets, convert admonition code_blocks, add links and push.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --git, --g, --G       No commit and no push to git
  --meta, --m, --M      Update the frontmatter
  --keep, --k, --K      Keep deleted file from vault and removed shared file
  --config, --c, --C    Edit the config file
  --force, --d, --D     Force conversion - only work if path not specified
  --filepath FILEPATH, --f FILEPATH
                        Filepath of the file you want to convert

At the first start of the script, it will ask you :

  • The absolute path of your vault and blog in your PC.
  • The key you want to use to share the file (default : share).
    This file will be in your site_package folder.

You can reconfigure the option with obs2mk --config.

By default, the script will remove all file that doesn’t exist in the vault, and file where you remove the share (share: false, or removed the key). You can keep all these file with --k.

Share one file

To share only one file : obs2mk --f FILEPATH. It will :

  • Update the state status in original file (share: true)
  • Re-write the file if exist or create it in the folder you put in category
    This option will pull the file, regardless of what is the share state.

Share “all” files

You can share multiple documents using the share: true key, in frontmatter. The script will scan your entire vault and automatically convert the file with this key.
There is two options :

  • By default, the script will compare with the older version and write only if changement are detected.
  • Using --force will force the re-writing.


There are some files to customize the script :

  • You can create custom admonition with material docs and adding the name in custom_admonition.yml.
  • You can completely exclude some folder of your vault with exclude_folder.yml. You can exclude specific path as folder1/subfolderA etc.
  • Using the docsassetscsscustom_attributes.css you can create specific aspect for your tags, and it also adds compatibility with CM6 Attribute and Contextual Typography.


  • Nested admonition doesn’t work for the moment. I don’t use it a lot, but if you want, you could improve the script or create a mkdocs plugin to care of that.
  • The script will not delete the file and folder if you change the category key. Beware of this.
  • Share “all” can be long on big vault.
  • File with same name can have some problem while scanning because I don’t keep your folder structure. Please, beware of this! Don’t forget, you can use title if you want a specific name (and this name already exist).
  • Bloc citation doesn’t work, the script will care of that.
  • Embed file (citation and # too) doesn’t work, the script will also care about it !


The script can work on any platform that support python. The script doesn’t use Cpython, so don’t worry about it for IOS.


Using :

First, in a-shell, run pickFolder and choose the folder of your vault, and rerun pickFolder to choose the folder where are the blog data (you need to clone with Working Copy)
After, do showmarks and copy the two path in any note app. Check if the path is not broken because of the paste!
You can also do :

showmarks > bookmark
vim bookmark

Here is a blank sheet to help you if you want to manually write / edit it :


With :

  • vault: Vault Absolute Path
  • blog_path : Blog repository absolute path
  • blog : Blog link (same as site_url from mkdocs.yml)
  • share : your wanted share key ; by default : share

Before running the shortcuts, you need to install all requirements, aka :

pip install obs2mk
obs2mk --config

After, in a-shell, you can use the same option as on a PC.


→ Please use Wikilinks with “short links” (I BEG YOU)
You can integrate the script within obsidian using the nice plugin Obsidian ShellCommands.

You could create two commands :

  1. share all : obs2mk
  2. share one : obs2mk --f {{file_path:absolute}}

You can use :


The script need one key, to share the file. You can configure the key in the configuration of the script.

If you want a folder structure in docs, you need to use the category keys, with the form of path/path. You can also block a file to update with update: false.

Note : With awesome-pages you can hide folder from navigation. To hide a file, just use hidden in category (as category: hidden). Links, image will work without problem.


Material give you the possibility to add SEO tags with :

  • description
  • title (will change too the title in the navigation)
  • image: Add an image (don’t forget the format) / Need to be a relative link.


So, the final frontmatter template is :



View Github

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