Python Wrapper for interacting with the Flutterwave API

Python Flutterwave


Python Wrapper for interacting with the Flutterwave API


  • pip install python-flutterwave


  • Create an account in Flutterwave and obtain your Secret Key only.

from python_flutterwave import payment

payment.token = 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
  • To trigger a payment that returns a redirect uri

uri = payment.initiate_payment(tx_ref="qwerty", amount=100, redirect_url='your_callback_url',
                               payment_options='mpesa', customer_email='',
                               customer_phone_number='0123456789', currency='KES', customer_name='John Doe',
                               title='Demo Payment', description='Just pay me...')
  • Redirect the user to that uri where he/she will make the payment.

  • After payment is made, the user will be redirected to the redirect_url you declared but Flutterwave will append some
    info regarding the payment i.e. transaction_id and tx_ref. If your url is
    then it may be

  • You should save the transaction_id to your DB as it will be used to query the transaction details.

  • To check the transaction details e.g. successful or not, grab the transaction_id from the previous step.

details = payment.get_payment_details(transaction_id)


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