Self-hostable , easy-to-use , lightweight and feature-rich torrent client written in Go

self-hostable torrent client

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BitTorrent Client written in Go.
It can be run locally or be hosted in Remote Server with good resources
to use that Server as SeedBox.
It is Single Completely Statically Linked Binary with Zero External Dependencies .

exatorrent is simple yet feature-rich . It is
lightweight and light on resources. It comes with Beautiful Responsive Web Client written in Svelte and Typescript ,
but thanks to documented WebSocket API of exatorrent , you can also write your own client if you want to.

exatorrent can operate in Optional Multi-User Mode administrated by admin user/s
but it can successfully be used by Single-User as well.
Torrented Files are stored in local disk of device where it’s run, which are then retrievable or streamable via HTTP.

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  • Releases . Mark it as executable and run it . Refer Usage .
    chmod u+x ./exatorrent-linux-amd64
  • Docker: exatorrent can also be run inside Docker ( or Podman ). See Docker Docs .
    docker pull
    docker run -p 5000:5000 -p 42069:42069 -v /path/to/directory:/exa/exadir
  • Build: exatorrent is open source and can be built from sources . See Build Docs .

Note that Username and Password of Default User created on first run are adminuser and adminpassword respectively. You can change Password later but Username of Account can’t be changed after creation. Refer Usage .

Github Actions is used to build and publish Releases and Docker/Podman Images of exatorrent .

If you want to deploy exatorrent on server , please also refer Deploy Docs .

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Discussions and the Issues.

contributing docs first.


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