Structure Guided Lane Detection with python

Project for the IJCAI 2021 paper “Structure Guided Lane Detection”

Framework of our approach. We first extract the common features by the extractor, which provides features for vanishing point
guided anchoring and pixel-level perception. The anchoring produces intensive anchors and perception utilizes binary segmentation to
promote features around lanes. Promoted features are used to classify and regress anchors with the aid of lane-level relation and image-level
attention. The dashed arrow indicates the supervision, and the supervision of vanishing point and lane segmentation is omitted in the figure.

Quantitative Evaluation

Qualitative Evaluation

smart code.


  title={Structure Guided Lane Detection},
  author={Su, Jinming and Chen, Chao and Zhang, Ke and Luo, Junfeng and Wei, Xiaoming and Wei, Xiaolin},
  booktitle={International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)},


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