The Fullstack React Framework built on Next.js

The Fullstack React Framework

“Zero-API” Data Layer — Built on Next.js — Inspired by Ruby on Rails

“Zero-API” data layer lets you import server code directly into your React components instead of having to manually add API endpoints and do client-side fetching and caching.

New Blitz apps come with all the boring stuff already set up for you! Like ESLint, Prettier, Jest, user sign up, log in, and password reset.

Provides helpful defaults and conventions for things like routing, file structure, and authentication while also being extremely flexible.

Quick Start

You need Node.js 12 or newer

Install Blitz

Run npm install -g blitz or yarn global add blitz

You can alternatively use npx

Create a New App

  1. blitz new myAppName
  2. cd myAppName
  3. blitz dev
  4. View your brand new app at http://localhost:3000

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The Foundational Principles

  1. Fullstack & Monolithic
  2. API Not Required
  3. Convention over Configuration
  4. Loose Opinions
  5. Easy to Start, Easy to Scale
  6. Stability
  7. Community over Code

The Blitz Manifesto explains these principles in detail.

What is Blitz Designed For?

Blitz is designed for tiny to large database-backed applications that have one or more graphical user interfaces.

While we currently only support web, we are pursuing the dream of a single monolithic application that runs on web and mobile with maximum code sharing and minimal boilerplate.

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