Tools to help teams develop smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain


toolkit-for-cardano simplifies the development of Cardano smart contracts by providing teams with frequently needed tasks:

  • Build Transactions
  • Sign Transactions
  • Submit Transactions
  • Mint Tokens
  • Create Wallet
  • Fund Wallet
  • Transfer Funds
  • Calculate Fees

toolkit-for-cardano is not intended as a replacement for a wallet, but rather as a development tool to allow teams to make progress with minimal wallet integration overhead.


Before launching toolkit-for-cardano, you’ll need to identify an address that will be considered the Treasury™ address. This address will be used to fund all other addresses. Make sure that (a) the UTXO in this address only contain ADA and no other tokens and (b) each UTXO has a large quantity of ADA as the tool currently only uses a single TxIn for funding.

If you’ve just configured your private testnet and would like create a treasury address and then fund it, you can use the scripts provided:

scripts/ treasury                       # generates files including treasury.addr
TESTNET_MAGIC=31415 scripts/ treasury.addr # sends the initial funds to the treasury.addr address
  • ensure CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH is set
  • ensure CARDANO_NODE_HOME is set to your testnet root dir if other than ${HOME}/alonzo-testnet

Quick Start

  1. clone this repository
  2. edit docker-compose.yml adjust /home/ubuntu/alonzo-testnet to your testnet root
  3. ensure that your treasury keys are in ./addresses/treasury.*
  4. ensure that your treasury address is funded
  5. docker-compose up -d


This will launch:

  • cardano-db-sync-extended
  • postgres on port 5432
  • toolkit-for-cardano on port 3200


To enable cardano-db-sync-extended on a private testnet, we used an unmerged branch of input-output-hk/cardano-db-sync, kderme/fix-fork-at-0, that resolves an issue working against private testnets.

It does appear that this branch still has issues. Specifically, if you need to restart the cardano-db-sync-extended, you will need to delete the docker volumes before restarting as there appears to be some issue with continuing.

docker-compose rm -fv && docker volume rm $(docker volume ls | awk '{print $2}' | grep -v VOLUME)
  • this may grab other unused volumes


docker image

docker build -t sundaeswap/toolkit-for-cardano .

self contained cli

Assuming go 1.16 or better and node 1.14 or better are installed

(cd ui && yarn install && yarn local:build)
GOOS=linux go build

Change GOOS to match your target OS e.g. darwin, linux, windows, etc



Minted tokens are in the namespace of the wallet that generated them. That wallet can mint as many or few tokens as it wishes. However, tokens minted by one wallet are not fungible with tokens minted by another wallet.


toolkit-for-cardano generates only the loosest concept of a wallet. It makes no attempt at securing the wallet as it is designed for development purposes only.

Because the wallet is just a string, it simplifies the interaction with the frontend as it can put in a cookie, local storage, whatever is convenient.


The treasury wallet is any wallet with sufficient ADA to fund other wallets.
Most often, this will be the wallet funded via the faucet. toolkit-for-cardano will need access to the wallet address as well as the signing key (.skey)


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