Touch and drag slider carousel component for React


Touch and drag slider carousel component for React

  • Touch friendly on mobile
  • Responsive to viewport resizing
  • Supports mouse drag by default
  • Simple API
  • Sizes to any size parent container


npm install --save react-touch-drag-slider


import React from 'react'
import Slider from 'react-touch-drag-slider'

// here we are importing some images 
// but the Slider children can be an array of any element nodes, or your own components
import images from './images'

function App() {

  return (
          onSlideComplete={(i) => {
            console.log('finished dragging, current slide is', i)
          onSlideStart={(i) => {
            console.log('started dragging on slide', i)
          {{ url, title }, index) => (
            <img src={url} key={index} alt={title} />

export default App

Available Props

Prop Type Default Description
onSlideComplete (completedIndex) => completedIndex null function that gets called when finished
onSlideStart (startIndex) => startIndex null function that gets called on start
activeIndex Number 0 set to start on this index or use state to update the current index
threshHold Number 100 pixel value that must be dragged before slide snaps to position
transition Number 0.3 transition delay in seconds
scaleOnDrag Boolean false should the individual slide scale while dragging


Most basic example with no props – CodeSandBox link

With props, local state and buttons (you provide the buttons) – CodeSandbox link

For example of use in a full screen modal with a gallery, please checkout any of the galleries in Bushblade Knives


MIT © [bushblade]


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