Toy gRPC Tunnel over CloudFlare (Proof of Concept)

You know what it means.



  1. Go to your domain in CloudFlare. In “Network” tab, turn on gRPC.

  2. In “SSL/TLS” tab, choose “Source Servers” sub tab. Create a new certificate and save as cert.pem and cert.key.

  3. In “DNS” Tab, add a record pointing to your own server. Make sure the proxy state is “Proxied”.

  4. Run and persist this on your server. This example will forward the inbound traffic to

gun -mode server -local :443 -remote -cert cert.pem -key cert.key
  1. If you are using a TLS termination proxy, you can set -cleartext parameter to use HTTP/2 Cleartext transport protocol.


  1. Assume the domain of server is

  2. Run locally and persist. This will tunnel connections from to remote.

gun -mode client -local -remote

There’s also a SIP003 plugin version, see it’s document for instruction.




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