Unit testing Vuex actions with Jest mocks

Vue Test Actions

Unit testing Vuex actions with Jest mocks.

npm i --save vue-test-actions


yarn add vue-test-actions
import testAction from 'vue-test-actions'

testAction(action, expectedCommits, expectedDispatchs, payload, store)
Params Type Default Description
action Function Action function
expected commits Array [] Array of commit expectation
expected dispatchs Array [] Array of dispatchs expectation
payload Any undefined Parameter send to action function
store Object { state: {}, getter: {} } Object for mock store data such as state or getter
// user/actions.js

import userSerive from '../myUserService'

export async function getUser ({ commit, dispatch }, userId) {
  commit('setLoading', true)
  try {
    const { data } = await userSerive.fetchUser(userId)
    commit('setUser', data)
  } catch (e) {
    commit('setNotificationError', true)
  commit('setLoading', false)
// user.spec.js

import testAction from 'vue-test-actions'
import * as actions from '~/store/user/actions'
import userSerive from '~/services/myUserService'

describe('getUser', () => {
  test('If success', () => {
    const payload = 1
    userSerive.fetchUser = jest.fn().mockReturnValue({ data: { id: 1 } })
    const expectedCommits = [
      { type: 'setLoading', payload: true },
      { type: 'setUser', payload: { id: 1 } },
      { type: 'setLoading', payload: false }
    const expectedDispatchs = [
      { type: 'getUserPermission', payload: 1 }
    testAction(actions.getUser, expectedCommits, expectedDispatchs, payload)

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Create new branch with feature name.
  3. Create your feature.
  4. Commit and set commit message with feature name.
  5. Push your code to your fork repository.
  6. Create pull request. 🙂
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